Sockwa is Official Footwear Sponsor for 2014 EVP Beach Volleyball Tour

Sockwa is Official Footwear Sponsor for 2014 EVP Beach Volleyball Tour

Sockwa is the official footwear sponsor of the 2014 EVP Beach Volleyball Tour. Sockwa and the EVP Tour will be visiting beaches all over the United States hosting beach volleyball events.

Oxnard, CA (PRWEB) March 10, 2014

Sockwa Corporation is pleased to announce that they will be the official footwear sponsor of the 2014 EVP® Pro-Am Beach Volleyball Tour, the largest national beach volleyball tour. “The EVP tour sponsorship provides an effective launching pad for Sockwa in the U.S. market with coast-to-coast reach across a range of media. We look forward to working together with the EVP and its loyal athletes, staff and participants,” stated Sockwa founder, David Zasloff.

The EVP® Tour was established in 1994 by Ross Balling to teach others the sport that he loves so dearly. The EVP Team has brought together a tour of Volleyball Professionals to play and teach the game of Beach Volleyball. The Volleyball Professionals teach students at the EVP Academies where students learn quality volleyball instruction and program management. They have trained over 20,000 students to date.

The EVP Tour supports beach volleyball events that engage families, fans, athletes, students, communities, and sponsors in a great day at the beach. Not only do the fans get to watch top athletes compete on the sand, but they also get to interact with players in contests and promotions and feel as they are a part of the event.

“The EVP Tour has the youthful, active, healthy image that resonates with Sockwa consumers’ active lifestyles and their effective management of work, sport, and social, with dedication to balancing overall health and wellness,” commented David Zasloff, Founder & CEO of Sockwa.
Sockwa and the EVP Tour will visit sixteen key markets across the country yearly from May through September. The EVP Tour is a founding member for the Beach Sports Network visible on the Comcast Sports Network. Sockwa will also participate in the EVP Youth, Junior Series and Regional Amateur Tournaments as part of its 2014 sponsorship.

“I am thrilled to have Sockwa as the footwear sponsor of the EVP Tour,” said Ross Balling, Tour Commissioner. “The Tour staff and players are excited to be wearing Sockwa on the beach all season.”

For more information on the EVP Tour, including the 2014 Schedule, visit

About Sockwa:

Sockwa is a new breed of footwear that is versatile, lightweight, and comfortable. Sockwa was born on the beaches of Southern California. Their first product was the Playa Lo, a beach sock for casual use. Hardcore beach athletes soon began to desire a SOCK With Attitude to keep all the sand out while they scissor-kick and slam their way to victory. This Sockwa Playa Hi has a high ankle Velcro strap that keeps all of the sand out while not getting blown out like the competition.

Sockwa has evolved to everyday footwear launching their Beach Sneaker line with the thinnest outsole possible. Our thin, but durable, TPU sole is tactile and provides traction. Sockwa has become more sustainable by introducing the X8, made of a recyclable, anti-odor, non-toxic fabric, Ariaprene, our second step toward environmentally friendly footwear.

Free your sole.

For more information on Sockwa, visit
Visit our Facebook page at
Tweet us @Sockwa.

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My Journey to Sockwa

My Journey to Sockwa
Ashley Ames

It was early May 2013 when I woke up one morning and realized, “I am about to graduate and I have no idea what I want to do.” I had been working the same job since I was 16, managing a small beauty supply store. I had reached the highest position that I could attain and decided to explore my options. I submitted my resume to a bunch of different positions and went through a handful of interviews over the next couple of weeks until Sockwa gave me a call. I came in the following day for an interview where I met David Zasloff. The interview went great; we had a good conversation and really clicked on a bunch of different levels. His outlook was positive and wanted me to carry the same attitude, which was easy since I am the same way. The position was for a Customer Service Associate, yet he said, “We are a small company so do you mind putting on different hats, if necessary?” I love to stay busy and help wherever was needed so I definitely did not mind. I left the interview feeling positive and happy. I just had a great feeling that this was something I had to try out and see where it would take me. David called the next day to offer me the position and I was about to take my first steps with Sockwa. Some have their doubts about working with a small company; however, I viewed it as a great opportunity to grow and see the company work its way from the ground up.

Coming into Sockwa, I was greeted with open arms and such delight by everyone around. I felt like I was valued the minute I walked into the door. They ask for my opinion and listen to what I have to say. The environment is stress-free and easy going. Mornings are relaxing with a nice conversation and then straight to work. I am eager to come to work every morning. We are able to work with one another to help wherever is needed: pick up loose ends, assist in any instant, and collaborate in all different aspects of the company.

Sockwa is a small company with majority of their sales coming from e-commerce; some small retailers throughout the world. I would be handling emails, phone calls, and fulfilling orders on a daily basis. When I started, I figured we were just another shoe company, producing an alternative shoe and beach sock, never knowing what David was actually trying to do. He has a passion about this product and desire to make the company succeed no matter how much hard it is or the adversities he had to face. Have you ever known someone who thought of an idea and went through with it? Society dreams every day, but hardly, ever putting that idea to work. David is different; he had an idea and made it happen.

Trust me when I say: Sockwa is not just a shoe brand. Sockwa was developed to put out a product, but also do bigger and better things with shoes. David is here to make changes in the shoe industry and Sockwa is his way to do that. It is not easy and at times very frustrating, but with the determination that David has, he will get this done. Stay tuned for newer models and what this company is about to do.

My Journey to Sockwa
Ashley Ames

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Why you should be doing Pilates once a week

My first experience with Pilates felt much like the first day I tried to snowboard. It was full of humiliation, self-doubt, and ridicule. What’s that contraption you use? It’s called a reformer and yes, you feel like an upside porcupine being stretched alive! Let’s just say that balance and technique are very much part of the equation. The great thing about snowboarding and Pilates is that the second time is a blast, and you keep coming back for more.

Pilates doesn’t always have to be done on a machine. A floor and some determination is all thats needed. It’s a deep stretch mixed with insane core muscle firing and you can even work in your cardiovascular training, all without the stress of Gravity and what it does to your body when walking around all evolved and stuff. Your six pack stomach likely comes from Pilates if you never ever eat any sugar or fat. Having a strong core can reap rewards all through your daily life, even if you have a cheeseburger lifestyle.

Yeah, I do it, I mean my wife and I do it once a week. Pilates folks, is a great work out and has benefits off the court too! So try it, in a class or solo with a trainer and you’ll find out why an hour of this each week is part of the recipe for a healthy and long life. Let us know if you need tips or helpful hints that can make your first time doing Pilates feel great.

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Sockwa to Introduce Next Generation Minimalist Shoe at FN PLATFORM

We here at Sockwa are extremely excited to announce the latest addition to our growing lineup of minimalist shoes, the new ‘X8.’ Composed of a soft, breathable upper bonded to an ultra-thin, high-grip sole, we will be displaying the ‘X8′ beginning February 19, 2013 at the FN PLATFORM show in Las Vegas.

For those of you unfamiliar with the event, FN PLATFORM is the largest, most comprehensive footwear tradeshow throughout North America. Converging the global fashion community all under one roof, it is the ideal launching point for the X8. “The composition of the X8 makes it the perfect blend of function, comfort and most of all, fashion. As the X8 will demonstrate, Sockwa continues to produce the most tactile shoes available for those who would rather be barefoot,” expressed CEO David Zasloff. He added, “We’re super excited to see the reaction of our fans and future buyers of this product.”

Given their versatility, much like the G2 and G3, the X8 can be used for a diverse host of activities, ranging from travel to hiking and cycling. With a crushable, washable and extremely lightweight (less than three ounces each) disposition, Sockwa makes for an ideal second shoe to roll, stow and go.

“Many of our customers have been assessing the marketplace and inquiring when they would experience a minimalist shoe that emulated barefoot yet offered just enough protection and most importantly, breathability,” explained Zasloff.

Good for not only your feet and well-being, but for the environment as well. Sockwa are made from non-toxic, solvent-free, decomposable, readily recyclable, hypo-allergenic, anti-odor uppers along with rubber-free soles; thus, making them the perfect shoes for those to Tread Earth Lightly™.

For those attending the show, we encourage each of you to swing on by Booth 63323 to meet our team, demo our footwear and most of all, see what the game-changing ‘X8′ is all about.

More information on FN PLATFORM is available here.

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What people are saying about Sockwa


What the Sockwa?  

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Being quite new to “minimalist” running, I have tried to keep up on all the new research that continues to emerge on the topic of Barefoot (BF) running and Minimalist Shoe (MS) running.  I am a Traditional Shoe (TS) runner having run in stable, motion control shoes for 20+ years.  And during most of those years I’ve worn semi-rigid custom orthotics in my shoes. The original reaon for the orthotics was persistent hip and lateral knee pain when I first started running – and I just continued wearing the orthotics because they helped so well at the time.

I recently made the leap to MS (Minimal shoe) running, tossing my orthotics and stable, motion control shoes for the New Balance “Minimus” running shoe. I fell in love almost immediately – I loved the light weight shoe, and the fact that I could almost, almost, feel the ground beneath my feet.  But, I still felt like I was running like a TS runner – even with the minimal heel of the New Balance Minimalist – I continue to land with a heel strike running form. The good news was that I was able to run with minimal protection and without orthotics and without my old hip or knee pain.  I cannot attribute the minimal shoe or lack of orthotics to painfree running – it is just as likely that 20 years of running allowed me to positively adapt physically to running.

In any case I was also intrigued by the notion of barefoot running (BF running) and have the ambition to one day run “like” the barefoot runner.  But, I want sufficient protection to the bottom of my feet. As most now know, BF embraces a midfoot or forefoot landing style of the foot, rather than the traditional heel strike pattern. I will be writing more about what we know in the research literature about the pros/cons of midfoot/forefoot striking compared with heel striking, but suffice to say there is sufficient research to entice me to try to make this transition as a runner.

Knowing that “true” barefoot running would require that I learn to land on my midfoot and/or forefoot (at least for higher speed running), I knew I needed to learn how to transition from my heel striking ways to that of the midfoot striker.  Unfortunately, the Minimus shoe was a bit too close to the traditional shoe to help me  sufficiently with this transition.  And while I am sure the Vibram Five-Finger would likely do the trick, I am “toe-space” sensitive. I am quite sure I would not tolerate toe socks – I cannot tolerate a single “big toe thong” type sandle…so, something between each toe was not going to work.

And then I stumbled upon Sockwa – through Twitter.  Clever name (Sockwa = sock with attitude) – these “shoes” slip on almost like a crew cut sock but they have sufficient minimal rubber on the sole to offer protection to the bottom of the foot.  The Sockwa G3 (which is what I am wearing) are deigned to allow for running outdoors. And because they have absolutely no heel reinforcement, no heel thickness at all, the Sockwa encourages the runner to land softly on the midfoot or forefoot, essentially as if running barefoot.  As soon as I slipped on my Sockwa G3′s I knew I was in for a treat.  My feet felt almost naked…and I was excited to go for a short run.  Kind of reminded me of the moccasins I wore as  kid playing in the backyard.

My first run was a combination of concrete road surface, gravel road, and rock/dirt trail.  I kept the run short (about 3-miles) but right from the start I knew I was landing on my midfoot and not on my heels. Even when I tried to land on my heels I did not like the sensation and immediately resorted to midfoot landing. This naturally required a slightly higher cadence, a shorter stride, and a bit more “tall” running posture – but, well, that is actually the idea – and the basic requirement of BF running.  I only wish I had picked a route that also had some minor hills – I just felt like I wanted to surge – which is unusual for me as a runner.  What a total joy – and I am not one to gush about running.  I anxiously await to see how I feel tomorrow…and am looking foward to my next run.  The G3 is super comfortable and feels almost as if running without anything on my feet - about as close to BF running as I’ll get – but with the requisite protection.  Thank you Sockwa!!!!!

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Serve’s Up With Sockwa at the AVP Championships

Sockwa is no stranger to the picturesque, sun-soaked beaches of Southern California. In fact, our innovative footwear brand that was founded on that very same sand, returned to our roots this past weekend as a sponsor of the AVP Beach Volleyball Championships in Santa Barbara. Already having served as a sponsor for the 2010 Hermosa Beach and Huntington Beach Opens, we had opportunity to head just miles south along the PCH and reappear before the pro beach volleyball world as we exhibited our Playas to an estimated 30,000+ fans in attendance on what was surely an action-packed, gorgeous weekend.

With a pool of beach volleyball big wigs, including Olympic Gold Medalist Kerry Walsh along with Phil Dalhausser, Todd Rogers, Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal, attendees flocked the Sockwa booth, inquiring about our brand, demoing our latest products and purchasing pairs of the Lo-Cut and Hi-Top Playa. “I’m very happy to see Sockwa supporting beach volleyball and the AVP tour,” said David Barnett. The Managing Director of Marshall Junction Partners added, “I’m excited that Sockwa continues to increase its visibility amongst the beach sport realm and anticipate tremendous share growth throughout the entire minimalist shoe market.”

Undoubtedly, it was exciting  to see the AVP back on the map. Despite the tour’s comeback spanning less than two weeks, the new regime succeeded in making the Santa Barbara come to life and we cannot wait for what’s in store for 2013. Though it may not have been identical to the preceding years’ AVP Tour, this regime did exactly what it had promised to do in making the Santa Barbara event separate itself from the past. And we are happy to say we were a part of it.


For more photos and posts from the event, head over to the Sockwa Facebook page.

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FN Platform Show: A Sockwa First

Sockwa Trade Show booth FN PLatform 2012

Our Corner Space was great

If you haven’t seen or heard of the FN Platform Show, then surely you’ve heard of MAGIC.  No, well then you aren’t alive, please check your pulse.  These two industry trade shows along with 3 or 4 others in the same city at the same time, make up the largest Apparel and Footwear Shows in the world.  It’s referred to as MAGIC, and takes up All of the Las Vegas Convention Center and all of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in just 3 days.

Sockwa was ready to try this critical show and share what we’ve accomplished with the footwear world.  It was an eye opening experience in many ways, and we are still sorting through the details of what happened last week at the show.  We met the movers and shakers of Footwear and Apparel.  TV celebrities and the companies behind them.  All the old and new brands in footwear were all gathered together in the South Hall row after row, all with the same white walls and similar presentation.  An even playing field for all the brands to showcase their stuff.

We were not in the front of the show, but Rome wasn’t built in a day either.  Our location was fitting for our first show.  We found new potential customers from all over the world;  Japan, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Colombia, and Canada to name a few.  The question begs:  Are the trade shows worth it?  Is a four legged table that much better than a 3 legged table?  They are essential for keeping a pulse on industry.

You can’t just rent a booth and show up.  You have to know what you are selling.  What the unique selling proposition is.  What are the features that make your product so much better, and what are the benefits to the customer.  In this case, the customer is not the end customer, it’s the store owner, or buyer of a category within a large chain of stores.  It’s what you look like, how you act, what you say, the vibe you give off, and what you know, and how real you are being.

Sockwa wants customers for life.  This philosophy is a long range one that must be founded on a solid foundation that helps people in every step of the supply chain.  A triple win.  We will gain your trust slowly, and constantly deliver better and better product more efficiently with more fun and zest and passion.  Where we’ve come from, along with where we are right now, and where we will be going, are just illusions of reality anyway.  Come with us on a journey for life.

David Zasloff




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Barefoot is Everywhere and Everyone is in the Game.

Thank you Vibram Five Fingers for opening up everyones eyes to the huge, untapped barefoot footwear market. What, you haven’t heard about this new trend in footwear and life, where less equals more. In 2006, VFF developed a shoe where each toe gets it’s own compartment and they removed the EVA Foam which traditionally cushioned the foot. As it turns out, apparently cushion and padding is a thing of yesterday. Sketchers didn’t get the memo, hence the ShapeUp and it’s enormous rounded sole.

Along comes Sockwa in 2008, minding our own business, simply trying to make a shoe from a sock. Easy enough according to friends and family. What about arch support, heels, cushion, and overkill? Ask Dr. Daniel Lieberman, a Harvard Professor who announced to the world in January 2010 that Barefoot Locomotion is healthier than all the bells and whistles on traditional footwear. Shocker, right, all we need is our own bare feet to navigate this planet. Well not so sanitary in restaurants, and disgusting in bathrooms. What then is the solution? Barefoot or Shoes? Continue reading

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We’re Making IT Happen!

you make it happen

I’m traveling through China with my VP of Ops, Darryl.  We are visiting vendors, potential new vendors, and siezing every opportunity to promote Sockwa and spread the love.  I’m proud to say that I’m wearing Cobalt Amphibian 1.5 on my feet at the moment and I love them.  So glad that our team has pushed and pushed for almost 4 years now, to make this happen.

Today’s agenda is simple.  Make it happen.  We have all the parts and pieces lined up, and ready for production.  Supervise, Advise, and watch the magic happen.

Nothing is easy, or at least nothing worth doing is easy.   Two days on the ground so far, and we’ve been to 3 different cities in Asia, and we’ve got another 4 to go.  Off to the train.  See you with the NEW Amphibian soon.

the ZAZ

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What’s the Big Deal About a Millimeter?

To some, a millimeter feels like a hair and just doesn’t matter. To others, a millimeter feels like a foot, and matters a lot. It’s all about your perspective and the requirements for success.

When it comes to making shoes, depending on who you speak with, a millimeter doesn’t matter. If you speak to a brain surgeon, that same millimeter is the difference between life and death. Perspective and the specific situation is the real factor in the relevance of a millimeter.

Day 2 on the ground in China, and it started with a great nights sleep. 11 hours of pure REM and relaxation. That’s a step in the right direction to make up for skipping Sunday all together and staying up all night on the plane. Continue reading

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